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Moorish Event!!Lectures & Workshops Nov 13th-14th, 2009 (Friday & Saturday)

Lectures & Workshops (Friday & Saturday)
What You Won’t Learn watching YouTube! ~ Come Learn TheTRUTH About!
*Your Nationality *The First True Religion *Untold History! * Who are the REAL Moorish American!*Why Folks are being beat buying FAKE Moorish Nationality Packets *Why folks are downloading Fake Moorish Nationality Cards off the Internet * How to Determine a REAL Moorish Science Temple of America *Moorish American Imposters * Why our Sisters are out of Place! * Why The MSTA is not part of The U.S.A

The Moorish Science Temple of America Presents ….
Nationality Still the Order of The Day!!!
Lectures & Workshops
November 13th & 14th, 2009 (Friday & Saturday)

Where: Econo Lodge Conference Room
3000 Independence Blvd. Charlotte North Carolina

Lecture Hosted by MSTA Study Group #6
Nationality Is Still the Order of the Day!

Hosted By Bro. H. Welch Bey
Speakers: Grand Sheikess Yssis Saadi El
Speakers: Bro. Sam-u-el Solomon Bey
Premier Lecturer: Chief Minister Dr. Ra Saadi El
Do visit Our Website to register for our Workshops and to
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

ITS TIME TO RUMBLE!! (The Letter that fuel the Event)

(This was an email sent to The Chief from Bro. Ali)

To The Chief Minister Ra Saadi El, The MSTA 1928 Portion;
and those who accept your hateful teachings in the name of Allah and His last Prophet.

Your name "1928 Portion" is different but your methods discriminating amongst the Moorish is the ideally the same.
You need to learn to hear the words of the Holy Prophet and you will no longer believe you have the power to "Nationalize" or otherwise "Make" and "grade" Moorish Americans. This baptismal hazing gives Grand Sheiks the illusion they actually "Own" and can "Enslave" those who may be ignorant of their unalienable birthright to be born with a nationality. Yours temple is operating no differently than the rest of the C. Kirkman-Bey's masonic-based religious NGO's of 1934. If you really want to be different than learn to love and how to protect and obey our Prophet. If you want to be different then TEACH Moorish Americans how to be Moorish Americans. This is the sole purpose why Noble Drew Ali founded the MSTA in the first place. Trust me, there is not another MSTA in the USA that is holding steadfast to His founding purpose. You can learn how to be a mason, good member, Arab Muslim or a slave but not a free Moorish Man or Woman. You enjoy being a leader but have you been to sovereignty, autonomy or national freedom. If so why haven't your footprints been clearly cut that way?? You may point where you have not been but you can not truly lead unless you have been there and back.

There are more who know of my good works than those who have been mislead by the media. I tried to tell your chiefdom why himself, Kirkman-Bey nor R. Love El were never made Adepts. No Moor you are not one of the Prophet's Adepts. There is less that a handful of Adepts in the flesh today. It takes an Adept allied to the Prophet to make another Adept. My teachers were Dr. Rufus German-Bey, both I. and G. Cook-Bey (G. Cook-Bey signed my Charter "Original Temple #13" as he had with his by the Prophet and because Love El was Mason and could not authorize the Charter of an Adept), Pearl Ali and Christina Price-Bey (After she rehabbed 8 months from alcohol abuse 1974-1975 in one of my Moorish Community Houses in Baltimore). All of these Angels had their hands in the Prophet's Hand and mine. Plus Bro. Parker-Bey, my Adept mentor, (notice in his coffin was the "Moorish Flag" and "National Grand Seal of Moorish America"). Once you have crossed the borderline at will, you can not teach hatred or harm living things. The masons who taught you were not Adept. It is simply not in the masonic will to make an Adept, which is another word for "God." This explains why you do not know "Who made you?" I also tried to prove to you in truth the entire Lorton drama was a Roman masonic retaliation orchestrated against me by their chief Moderator, R. Love El; this was after I brought him up on charges before the 1994 Grand Body. They were all Masons and Drew Ali warned "The Preachers and the Masons will be the last ones to hear the truth and the last ones to come in." But you refused to hear the truth and lead your members astray with your portion of the conspiracy. Even the Holy Prophet could not make an Adept out of a mason; no more than can a man make a wife out of a whore or teach a chief to love a Swift Angel. This is why the chief could not be made an Adept because you can not gain strength fro weak sources. You are now what your leaders were then. You all are mere organizations that causes the same 80 years of confusion to overthrow the laws of the Moorish American Government. The greatest weakness of the chief is he has fallen in carnal love with Dr. Elihu N. Pleasant-Bey to the point of obsession. He publicly calls my name more often than my other wives. And pulls smalls pebbles from the shallow stream of his mind about my use of so-called "Secret Words" and "Adept Lessons" and show these off as pearls to the applause of his brothers. What you do not know is I am an Angel sent to hand down the "Supreme Laws" of the last Avatar. You are the same Moors who jailed the Prophet twice until you killed him has also jailed and have plotted to murder me. What reactions did you expect after 12 years of feeding hatred through Rome's medias to the unstable and ungrateful public? But my work is complete and His pure and clean national Will is done for our People.

Yet this email is not about a Dr. who can not make or spell a complete sentence nor myself. Your beloved 14th Amendment Corporation is about to crash and it will be worst than after Drew Ali warned the Moors in 1929. What Moorish Leader has a record of case law for freeing dozens of Moors from the Federal and State Facilities, like Drew Ali did for Marcus Garvey? Never mind. Me. Now how many have you, as their chief, freed? You fancy yourself safe but have no national sovereign powers to protect, guide or to save the Moors. You are not even a man unless you have free national standards and power. Any good Moorish leader who study the Divine Constitution and Holy Koran should be able to think outside of the small religious box that has been formed by a carnal nature. But you teach Moors to believe the Arab-influenced Moroccans (1786 Treaty), who sold the Moorish and the western freemasons (George Washington) who bought, denationalized and enslaved us will let you down again! Chief, you are very bold and think the arm of Allah has weakened. I aught to just let you perish. Ali brought us EVERYTHING IT TAKES TO SAVE A NATION but you are too silly and busy hating to see what is about to happen under the watch of our Prophet's new President. A friend will warn you. Following those who teach their very mother to hate Pleasant-Bey and these leaders will also not allow you to make it through the fire! Then you are going to be amazed at how many fezzes and turbans will fill FEMA's Chattel Railroad cars, taking them on their way to the 800+ CC Camps in their land. As for the National ID Card on my website; didn't Ali say: "Your card is going to grow in your pocket." Had you lawfully inquired you would have known this free card alone now has the power to acquire a foreign Passport, with an Exit and Return Visa, and makes the Moorish Americans recognized in 186 counties including the USA and Canada. Just like Drew Ali called out! And not as religious property of a corporation but as a free Moorish American national. Another one of your faults as a Moorish leader is you do not know "For what purpose was the MST of A founded?" But you voice so much hateful opposition about me behind my back until you have Sharif Bey's woman hating me and some of your members threatening to kill me once they get out of jail. Not one of your members has ever ask me direct about my testimony. How can they possibly judge aright with just your second-hand storey?? All they have is what you alone have taught them.

But to illustrate just how far you have scattered the Prophet's flock, can any of your members hear the sound of Noble Drew Ali's voice from any source, especially me??? After all, it was not The Prophet nor I who said 'A Moorish American must to be a member of his MSTA in order to be a Moorish American.' There is a world of difference between being a Moorish American (free national name of 60 million) and a "Member of any religious organization. Read Act-6 and you will see the Prophet separate that world with a powerful word "BUT." You have it backwards when MAKING all Moors members rather than freeing members into Moors. Drew Ali did say: "The Moorish Americans are descendants of the ancient Moabites whom inhabited the northwestern and southwestern shores of Africa." Moorish American is our "One free national name." Fool O' Fool when will you learn the Moorish American exist because of their descendant nature; with or without the MSTA??? We are simply not Moorish Science Temples of America because organizations do not have a descendant nature! Organizations are formed and dissolved as the ethers change. This is why Drew Ali called out; "Come all ye Asiatics." Praise Allah he did not call or see any "Fake or Unqualified Moors" because if he did, where would you and I be today?? It is wrong and criminal to screen Moors and make them jump through hoops into a cult just to learn they were born Moorish Americans and not members. Pay attention to why our Prophet said "Membership (Nationality) is free, not only here but all over the world." Note the attached "Business Card" handed out by our Prophet from His office across the street of the MSTA.
Dr. Elihu Pleasant-Bey, Free Moorish American
----- Original Message -----
To: empowermentpaysbey
Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2008 5:43 PM
Subject: Fw: nationalization
Islam Grand Sheik Charles Brown-El;
Praise Allah, Honor Drew Ali and your National Federal Grand Sheik C. Prather-El. I am humbled at your challenge because it also contained several 'Self-Answering' Responses from the challenger. As you know, I have nothing but Love Divine for you and your holy family but I am the #1 Defender of Noble Drew Ali for a reason. It was The Holy Prophet alone that freed me and gave me the power to free millions of Moors. With all that said, I pray you take this final answer with the wisdom and love with which it is intended.

I stand firm on "my position on nationalization as it relates to what our Prophet Noble Drew Ali brought." I have witnessed and experienced the devastating effects "nationalization" ( which has now given birth to certain temples that are now charging born Moorish Americans to be "Naturalized") has been having on the entombing of the Moors. Where you can not see this, others can most plainly. My stand is simply based upon the immutable truth that our Holy Prophet did NOT bring any degree of 'Nationalization' into His One (MSTA) Temple. Your remarks are mild and I believe they are based upon great "Sincerity." This type of sincerity is the first degree of all potential Adepts. Nevertheless, because of the infiltration of nationless Masons who to this day are neither 'Ancient' or 'Accepted' by the human family of nations, 98% of today's MSTA Officials see the Holy Prophet through the murky eyes of Masonic-Act-Alikes, Supreme Successors, Reincarnated Prophets, Legal Advisors/Moderators and Grandest of Sheiks. Since 1934 these post-Drew Ali members and former members has been "Making" (Nationalizing) Moorish Americans who were already born Moorish Americans.

Young Sheiks like yourself are experiencing Ali's warning "If you Moors are not careful, fifty years after I am gone, you want know I have been here." In fact Drew Ali came to all 60 million of us, Moorish Americans, just like His Nationality. Basically these Moors were the new slave masters, with fezzes, like the old slave masters except these are "Your Brothers" Drew Ali also warned us about they who would enslave us again. This nationalization and naturalization fraternal hazing members into a religious organization has gotten so bad that as of this day, in the year 2008, it is assumed if you are not "Nationalized" (MADE) or a functioning member of "My MSTA" then you are shunned and considered NOT A Moorish American. As you know "Masons are MADE" in the lodges, Christians are baptized in the church and all Negroes, Blacks and Colored People are made in the USA. Our challenging subject matter is now opened to the Masonic "Making" (Nationalizing) Moorish Americans in the temples. Sheik, challenge me if I am wrong but didn't Drew Ali describe the "Moorish Americans are the descendants of the ancient Moabites whom, inhabited the northwestern and southwestern shores of Africa ???" How then is it possible to "Make" or "Nationalize" any national Being when they are born today into what their forefathers were without doubt or contradiction??? Surely the results we are experiencing today is nothing short of 75 years of fallout from "Making Moors" in the Temples NOT the of By you being a Sheik then you know now this practice is in direct violation of Drew Ali's Acts 1, 5 and 6. The violation of Act-5 alone has "Caused (so much) Confusion" until there can be 12 temples in the same city and no two of them are in harmony with each other. Worst yet, "Nationalizations of humans" are such high criminal acts until they have been actually "Overthrowing the laws and Constitution of the Moorish American Government." Sheik, I have enclosed a copy of one of our Prophet's Business Cards. You have been trained not to believe me but will you also deny your Prophet??? I want you to read His message carefully. Notice on His handout "EVERYDAY (at the office) FROM 12 NOON UNTIL 7 P. M. a person "MAY COME AND TAKE OUT YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD."

I am using His words to open your eyes and wake you up to the fact during his time a person did not have to join the temple or attend a meeting to get their "Membership Card." There was no "Nationalizing" going on!! One could simply go down and across the street to the Home Office and get their card any day. Today you have largely "Friday/Sunday-go-to-meeting" Moors. But nationality is 24-7 lifetime. As I said, Drew Ali returned to us that which was lost. We needed to be taught our nationality and our divine creed. This alone is the sole purpose for Him becoming became the Founder of the MSTA...purely to TEACH. It is to Teach Moorish Americans how to be Moorish Americans. Show me the temple that is teaching this only and I will show you the "One Temple and One Prophet of the Temple and the clean and pure Nation His duty is to save." But what temple is doing this teaching??? Not one because they are too busy hazing (Nationalizing) members into cults of brothers over sisters...just like masons. Have you noticed many of those Moorish who hate me are also Masonic sympathizers? And they will defend European free masonry at the expense of our lives. Yet, like babes, they hurt but cannot describe the pain. My message is not of hatred but a warning to clean up your act and amend your ways because the fire is already here!! The only problem with masons is they have one purpose and one purpose subjugate, enslave and destroy the continent of Africa and all Her inhabitants. This is the sole duty of all western free masons and those that accept their teachings. This is why Drew Ali said "I have come to pull the covers off all secret societies." Sheik, I am not oppose to the various MSTA's or any organized group. I am now a Guider of the Nation because I am OUT FROM THE SUNDAY SCHOOL. I only must answer to Allah and Ali. This is also why I am pro-Drew Ali; just sent to set the record straight.

Dr. Elihu N. Pleasant-Bey
Swift Angel #1

----- Original Message -----
From: Sheik Charles Brown-EL
To: ELIHU PLEASANT-BEY ; Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 12:57 PM
Subject: Re: nationalization
Islam Dr. Pleasant-Bey!

I received your message on nationalization, I noted the contents carefully and I must humbly challenge your position on nationalization as it relates to what our Prophet Noble Drew ALI brought. You are right as to what nationalization is, which is the act of taking an industry or assets into the public ownership of a national government. Nationalization usually refers to private assets, but may also mean assets owned by lower levels of government, such as municipalities; however we must be careful as to how we allow brothers and sisters to come into the understanding of Prophet Noble Drew ALI. The Prophet is the founder of the MOORISH SCIENCE TEMPLE OF AMERICA (religious organization) and in this organization we have a religious ceremony to bring a member into the fold affectionately known as "nationalization". Those that are "grown" and understand the deeper meanings of words and laws must assist brothers and sisters to get back to the way that our forefathers served ALLAH. Many are confused as to who the Prophet Noble Drew ALI is and what he did for us and it is the job of the knowers to instruct the ignorant. In essence, the Prophet took many governmental stances and dealt with sovereign issues; but he was a "Temple Moor" as well.

May ALLAH bless you, I love you. Remember Satan's kingdom must come down!

Your servant,

Sheik Charles Brown-EL

From: ELIHU PLEASANT-BEY ----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 8:27 AM
Subject: Re: nationalization
Peace and Blessings Kwafi;
Beware. Nationalization ceremonies, especially among the various Moorish American religious organizations and other fraternal based groups, is a Western Masonic hoax. To "Nationalize" is the power of an existing government to declare ownership, control or otherwise sovereignty of land, air or watery domain and all of their contents. Rarely if ever is this claimant authorization applied to members of the Human Family. Noble Drew Ali never once "Nationalized" nor "Naturalized" any member into his Moorish Science Temple (MSTA) Organization. It is impossible for one man to "Nationalize" another (If he or she can do this, tell them next time, "I change my mind. Would you be so kind as to make me into a Chinese or Sudanese? Then you know "YOU HAVE BEEN NATIONALIZED"). Likeso it is frivolous and the heights of foolishness to "Naturalize" any people who are already indigenous to the land (Whoever can 'naturalize' any Moorish should also be able to do the same to an Apache, Sioux or Pequot). THINK MAN, THINK!!!

This practice was introduced into the MSTA within five years after His transition in 1929 (See: ). Through certain UNALIENABLE RIGHTS one is born into the especial descendant nation of his forefathers and "no man has the power to change (Nationalize) that descent unless their power extends beyond the Great Universal Creator Allah Him Self." "Nationalizations" and "Naturalizations" of the Moorish American People are the selfish works of evil men ("Dirty Moors") and have no good intentions or ends. It sustains the 14th Amendment "Citizens of the USA" entombment of the Moorish into the shallow grave of Mental Slavery. Thus, they will never rise as a Nation, bearing their one free national name of "Moorish American." Those fellows are Asiatic followers of Western Free Masonry. Those who practice these things are not real men because they do not have a Sovereign Nation, Antonymous Government, Land or Moorish Flag from which to draw free national standards or power. I pray you are not offended by the directness of my answer. But whomever referred you to me should have also warned you my assignment is to "Tell the Prophet's Moors the truth."
Swift Angel #1
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 2:22 AM
Subject: nationalization

i was wondering whats your recommended procedure for nationalizing apostille, county recorder, ect.? Also do you provide the papers for the process? thank you


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The Moorish Science Temple of America Web Radio Network Owned & Operated !!!
Tonight Show will be aired LIVE!! November 12th, 2008 @ 9pm EST.

Chief Minister Dr. Ra Saadi El the host of Red Crescent & Star World Studio will be speaking openly about Moorish Americans who have assisted in placing a stain of disgrace on our Divine Movement. He is calling names and pointing fingers at the guilty while exposing their dirt in the light. There is no shame in telling the truth ; far to long Moors have sat by and held a closed mouth at the destruction of others in not being a defender of the Faith. We at RCSWS are the Voice of Truth and the Sword of Justice We are the Vanguards of Prophet Drew Ali Movement We shall cut away the darkness to revile the Light!
Join us as we take callers.
We will address the letter of Bro. Bailey El ( out of Chicago)

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